Summer Art Fundamentals


This is an independent study summer program where students will complete ten credits of Art Fundamentals in five weeks.  Students must attend all five weekly appointments; absences are not permitted.  This program is open only to students of the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District.

Course Resources

 Art Fundamentals Assignment Sheet

Art Orientation PowerPoint

Week 1

Elements of Art Project Instruction

Elements of Art Project Rubric 2.0

                                                 Sample Project

 Elements of Art Project

Week 2

Stylized Artwork Instruction                       Stylized Design Rubric 2.0

                                                 Sample Projects

 stylized art 2                       Stylized art 1

 Week 3

 Islamic Styled Collage Instruction             Islamic Styled Collage Rubric 2.0

                                                                   Sample Projects

Islam Football         Islam Fireworks         Islam Picnic

Islam Beach Day        Islamic sample 1


Week 4

Baroque Art & Still Life Instruction

Baroque Still Life Value Help Sheet         Baroque Still Life Rubric 2.0

Sample Projects

    Still Life Megan Hu                 Still Life Dark

                                                      Still Life Sample



Week 5

Surrealism Project Instruction                              Surrealist Styled Art Rubric 2.0

  Sample Projects

Surreal Salt        rhino fish         Surrealism 2

Surreal Whale     Surrealism 3